On this page I am going to offer some videos that you can watch to get more information on what acting and directing will ask from you.

This first video will explain to you some things about acting.  Tony goes into great detail and tells you the basis of what you need to know to start your acting career:

There are hundreds of videos out there about acting and getting educated on it will help you tremendously.

Now on to directing.  This video tells you some main qualities that a good director should have.

Much like acting, there are tons of other videos that give you more tips on directing.  The main thing that you can take away from both of these videos is that you definitely need to have drive.  Don’t expect the work to come to you, you need to take that first step and prove yourself.  It’s not an easy industry, but with as much knowledge that you can grasp and with passion you just might find yourself where you want to be.


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