Don’t Want to Wait to Start Your Career?

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go through two more years of general studies before they get to pursue their career.  We already did all of that in high school right?  Well if you’re wanting to go into film and don’t care as much about getting a BA then I highly recommend going to Seattle Film Institute.

This film school offers both Bachelor’s of Arts Degrees and Certificates.  If you’ve already gotten your 90 college credits then you can go to this school for little over a year to get your BA.  If you wish to just go ahead and start your film career then you can take their programs and get a certificate, which will give you 90 college credits.  Pretty cool, right?

There are so many other options that you can do with your education at this school.  Learn more about it here.

This is the school that I hope to attend once I’ve gotten my generals out of the way.  It looks like a great school and has a lot to offer.



My Dream of Becoming a Director/Actress

Now that I’ve gone over a little bit of what you could expect in the education part of film, let me tell you about myself.  More specifically, about why I want to become a director and actress.

My whole life I’ve always been involved in some sort of play that requires me to either act or sing.  My freshman year was the year that it clicked that I wanted to do something with it in my future.  Being involved in theatre certainly helped me realize that, but what really made me want to become an actress was because of this well acted scene by Jensen Ackles from Supernatural:

What I was thinking during this scene was, “Wow, I’d love to be able to get into a character like that someday.”  Jensen Ackles’s acting was incredible in this I thought.  The raw emotion he put into it is something that I really admire.  To me, there’s just something about stepping into another person’s shoes and acting in an entirely different world than yours.  You are able to escape the real world for a certain amount of time and be someone else that you shaped.  It’s much like creating your own characters in a book.  You get to decide how you want them to be and hope that someone else will be able to relate to them.

Moving on to why I decided that I also want to be a director.  In theatre, between plays, we would make music videos, movie trailers, short films, etc..  I always seemed to be the one that took the lead.  People in my group would often look towards me without me even having to say anything.  Like they were already assuming that I was going to be the “director”.  This, however, is not the particular reason why I want to be one.  Michael Bay has always been one of my favorite directors and he’s always done amazing work with movies.  Here’s a video of  Michael Bay while directing Transformers:

Almost every single movie that I see I usually go and watch the Behind the Scenes.  I’ve always taken an interest in how movies are made and the amount of work that goes into them.  An actor makes a character come to life, but a director makes the entire story come to life.