Don’t Want to Wait to Start Your Career?

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go through two more years of general studies before they get to pursue their career.  We already did all of that in high school right?  Well if you’re wanting to go into film and don’t care as much about getting a BA then I highly recommend going to Seattle Film Institute.

This film school offers both Bachelor’s of Arts Degrees and Certificates.  If you’ve already gotten your 90 college credits then you can go to this school for little over a year to get your BA.  If you wish to just go ahead and start your film career then you can take their programs and get a certificate, which will give you 90 college credits.  Pretty cool, right?

There are so many other options that you can do with your education at this school.  Learn more about it here.

This is the school that I hope to attend once I’ve gotten my generals out of the way.  It looks like a great school and has a lot to offer.



Writing Requirements

Back in the fall of 2016, I was assigned to interview someone who was in the same field as film.  The two people, who are students at Central Washington University, that I was able to interview aren’t majoring in directing or acting, though.  They were specializing in screen writing.  However, this still gave me a good idea as to what sort of writing I’d be doing if I had to in the film major.

From what they told me, is that if you’re going into anything with film you should expect to be doing a lot of creative and analytical writing.  You could expect to be writing some screenplays (creative) or reviewing movies (analytical).  Sounds fun right?

Now, I don’t believe that the writing really implies to specializing in acting.  It does more so for directing.  I will soon be posting more about the types of writing courses that film schools will expect you to take.

Film School Options

There are many schools out there where you can get more educated in film.  Though most are a little on the expensive side, they are great schools.

Here are a few of the top film schools where famous directors and actors have gone :

  • University of Southern California (USC)15043922336_c25892f515_c

This is where director Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan and War Horse) and actors Will Ferrell, John Wayne, and Sophia Bush attended.

  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)royce_800

This is where director Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond and Fast & Furious 6) and actors James Franco, Ben Stiller, and Jack Black attended.

  • University of Texas (UT)


This is where actors Matthew McConaughey (also director of the short film The Rebel), and Owen Wilson attended.

As I said before, there are a ton of other film schools.  So there are a lot to choose from.  University of Texas happens to be one of the cheaper places to go, where as University of Southern California is one of the most expensive.