Writing Requirements

Back in the fall of 2016, I was assigned to interview someone who was in the same field as film.  The two people, who are students at Central Washington University, that I was able to interview aren’t majoring in directing or acting, though.  They were specializing in screen writing.  However, this still gave me a good idea as to what sort of writing I’d be doing if I had to in the film major.

From what they told me, is that if you’re going into anything with film you should expect to be doing a lot of creative and analytical writing.  You could expect to be writing some screenplays (creative) or reviewing movies (analytical).  Sounds fun right?

Now, I don’t believe that the writing really implies to specializing in acting.  It does more so for directing.  I will soon be posting more about the types of writing courses that film schools will expect you to take.